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Massive List of Web 2.0 Sites for Building Link Wheel with PR - Brought to you by Benny @ tradebitCenter

Massive List - Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 web pages should be used in many more substitute directions in that. But, if you 're acting on your blog or web sites SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you'll utilize pair of web 2.0 sites for making link wheel. As you already know, link wheel is one in all the foremost forward looking and well SEO schemes, and its very simpler when it implies yielding your website a rise in its ranking. Web 2.0 internet sites are no charge and with their high page ranks, applying them to create a link wheel that can ease your site's rank higher. Here are the massive list of Web 2.0 sites for building a quality link wheel :

































If you know of any web 2.0 sites that I have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I will added to the list. Remember not to build too many link wheels too fast. Make it appear as natural as possible and in a few weeks and in some cases in a few days you will start to see a rise in your page rank thanks to the power of link wheel and high ranking web 2.0 sites


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Dofollow Blogs List with High PR Including .EDU Sites - Brought to you by Benny @ tradebitCenter

You may be asking yourself, “What makes this high PageRank dofollow blog list different from others?”
What is including in this dofollow blog list that is not in others:
  • Live links (it’s so annoying when the you have to copy and past).
  • Descriptions of each site listed (because why would you go comment on a golf site to get a link to a vegetable garden – remember relevancy is highly important in link building).
  • Whether sites allow keywords (if not noted, use a real name or psuedonym, or your comment may not be approved).
What some dofollow blog lists miss when researching blogs as dofollow:
  • Sites that link back to the permalink to the comment itself instead of the commenter’s website.
  • Sites that link to a Disqus, IntenseDebate, or other profile instead of the commenter’s website.
  • Sites that require a lot of comments before links become dofollow (not 3 or 4, but some are 20+).
  • Sites that never approve comments (lots of post with no comments is a clue).
  • Sites that are up for sale (comments will probably go away).
  • Sites with paginated comments (older comments are no longer cached).
  • Site hasn’t been updated in years, comments are closed or not being approved.
Also, for those that think dofollow blog lists are wrong because they invite more spamming, please note:
  • If anyone would like their blog removed from the list, just contact me.
  • I wouldn’t list your site if I didn’t want my own sites to be listed, and mine is in here too!
  • Lists like these build backlinks to your site (dofollow ones, not nofollow ones like other sites do).
  • While you may get more spammers (see how to defend your site against spam), you will also get a lot more traffic and great comments in exchange for a link to someone’s website.
And one last note. Please, please remember that spamming blogs for links is a big no no. If you abuse the system by posting bad comments to get links, you will end up:
  • Not having your comment approved, which just makes it a waste of time.
  • Getting listed on the Akismet blacklist and rarely get your comments approved on WordPress blogs.
  • Giving dofollow blog owners reason to switch their sites to nofollow, ruining it for everyone, including yourself.
Without further ado, here are some high PR dofollow blogs to read, contribute to, and gain backlinks from.

PR 8 Dofollow Blogs

http://blogs.cisco.com/news – Opinions and insights from Cisco, the leading Internet networking company. Allows keywords.

PR 6 Dofollow Blogs

http://www.grokdotcom.com/ – Marketing optimization blog focused on improving conversion rates, increasing leads, web analytics, SEO, SEM, social media, testing and customer experience. Allows keywords.
http://www.currybet.net/ – This is a personal blog about information architecture, journalism and digital media.
http://www.sirpi.org/ – Catch the Travel Bug as we focus on great destinations and how to get there!
http://www.midasoracle.org/ – The prediction markets integrate expectations (informed by facts and expertise) much faster than the mass media do. Registration required, but links to your website in profile.
http://weblogtoolscollection.com/ – Blogging tools, plugins, and more.
http://www.eartheasy.com/blog/ – Sustainable Living information, articles and current developments in sustainability, for people looking to live more simply and self-reliantly, and with less impact on the environment. Uses Intense Debate system (registration required) but also allows keywords. Whoever can make this work (I tried using Intense Debate and could only get it to link to my profile, but other profiles are linking to their websites), please let me know.
http://www.socialtimes.com/ – Covering all that’s social on the web – news, applications, social media, OpenSocial and more. Allows keywords.
http://www.themallblog.com/ – Blogging about instantly downloadable digital products and online services. Allows keywords.
http://www.thevirtualhandshake.com/blog/ – Helps you create functional user interfaces.
http://blog.photography.si.edu/ – Photography and the Smithsonian. .EDU site!
http://interactiondesign.sva.edu/ – MFA in interaction design. .EDU site!

PR 5 Dofollow Blogs

http://andybeard.eu/ – Internet Marketing, lead acquisition, online business strategy and social Media with original opinion and loads of attitude. Comments are dofollow only after 40+ comments made.
http://www.oilman.ca/ – Search engine marketing and random technology articles. Allows keywords, but hasn’t been updated since July 2009.
http://www.communityspark.com/ – Community building can be a real challenge. Learn more about online communities and community building at Community Spark.
http://www.layercake.net/ – Heidi Nyburg funny celebrity shopping online pop culture blog.
http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/seo-blog/ – A seo blog in the UK visited by over 50,000 people every month. Learn Google SEO or hire Hobo to do it for you!
http://justaddwater.dk/ – Instant usability & web standards.
http://www.krisbuytaert.be/blog/ – No really .. everything really is a funky DNS problem.
http://therenegadewriter.com/ – Freelance writing blog based around book The Renegade Writer.
http://www.iayork.com/MysteryRays/ – Meddling with things mankind is not meant to understand.
http://www.lifeinthefastlane.ca/ – We’re about art, artists, creative expression, and anything odd, unusual, offbeat, wild and wacky, weird science, and a little bit business in attempt to keep us grounded. Life in the Fast Lane is all about having fun!
http://elleeseymour.com/ – Press consultant, journalist, political and PR blogger.
http://newcritics.com/blog1/ – Arts and culture blogging for the good of the planet. Allows keywords.
http://links.org.au/ – International Journal of Socialist Renewal. Long, intense comments.
http://www.knrn.org/ – Health and fitness tips. Allows keywords.
http://www.seobythesea.com/ – SEO by the Sea explores search engine patents and white papers, and provides internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services, consulting and research. Allows keywords.
http://blog.dmbcllc.com/ – .NET answers programming blog.
http://www.mouthpiecesports.com/blog/ – Chicago addled sports blog. Allows keywords.
http://www.buzzmarketingwithblogs.com/ – This blog is the companion Web site for “Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies,” a book for business professionals looking for answers and solutions for business blogging by Susannah Gardner. Allows keywords, but hasn’t been updated since July 2009.
http://bytesizecss.com/ – XHTML and CSS blog. Allows keywords.
http://blog.astrumfutura.com/ – PHP and PHP game development. Links are all anchored with the word homepage.
http://www.uncommonphotographers.net/ – Photography blog. Allows keywords.
http://aimee.mychores.co.uk/ – Covers a variety of topics from homeopathy to technology. Allows keywords.
http://pitchinvasion.net/ – Exploring football culture around the world.
http://www.thevirtualhandshake.com/blog/ – Investing, raising capital, sales training, and recruiting with social media. Allows keywords.
http://www.kthread.com/kthread/ – Personal blog of designer Kristen Taylor.
http://blog.ruski.co.za/ – An adventure in web technologies. Last updated in November 2009.
http://knightcenter.utexas.edu/blog/?q=en/blog – Journalism in the Americas. .EDU site!
http://career.ucsb.edu/blog/ – Career services blog. .EDU site!
http://gaming.psu.edu/ – Educational gaming commons blog. .EDU site! Registration required, but seems to allow keyword anchored links in the body of the comment.
http://blogs.cetis.ac.uk/asimong/ – Education blog. .EDU site!
http://blogs.nashuatelegraph.com/ – Blogs from the Telegraph Online, the Internet version the Telegraph of Nashua, New Hampshire. Allows keywords.
http://www.outofmygord.com/ – Personal blog on a variety of topics including branding and search marketing.
http://focusorganic.com/ – Organic and green information, products reviews, and news.

PR 4 Dofollow Blogs

http://www.joebartender.com/ – Mixed drink recipes, bartending and cocktail culture.
http://www.deardrmoz.com/ – Baby news, baby blogs, baby gear, and baby shower gifts!
http://www.uppergreenside.org/blog/ – Working together for more sustainable neighborhoods.
http://cinnamonthoughts.org/ – Technology-centered blog of Daniel M. Gattermann; a software developer and Apple fanboy.
http://www.memwg.com/ – Independent advice and tips about Google AdSense.
http://www.steverenner.com/ – Internet marketing services to make money online. Allows keywords.
http://www.rebeccawalker.com/blog/ – Clarity, courage, faith, freedom. Allows keywords.
http://www.canadienseneurope.org/ – Travel blog. Allows keywords.
http://alemsys.com/ – Technology and gadget blog. Allows keywords.
http://rumahabi.com/ – SEO and technology blog. Allows keywords.
http://kid666.com/ – Technology and internet blog. Allows keywords.
http://www.blueverse.com/ – Making money online explained. Allows keywords.
http://www.barrywise.com/ – NJ SEO and marketing consultant blog. Allows keywords.
http://www.randomhacks.net/ – Technology and fun stuf.
http://www.stomperblog.com/ – This blog teaches you everything you need to know to start, grow, and explode your online business. Allows keywords.
http://thesisthemehq.com/ – Reviews of Thesis blogs, internet marketing tips, and more. CommentLuv enabled.
http://middlezonemusings.com/ – A collection of personal stories illustrating pithy observations, random thoughts, lessons learned from life, and – of course – musings about life, the universe, and pretty much everything.
http://www.wordpressmax.com/ – WordPress guides for the geek impaired. Allows keywords.
http://lillieammann.com/ – Writer and editor Lillie Ammann shares advice on writing and publishing, thoughts on spirituality, and more. Allows keywords.
http://www.techjaws.com/ – Internet security, SEO, and how to on technology.
http://kikolani.com/ – Blogging tips and social media strategies. KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled.
http://wnagele.com/ – Life, the universe, and everything. Links are all anchored with the words my website.
http://www.bluehatseo.com/ – Advanced SEO tactics. Allows keywords.
http://www.growsmartmaine.org/blog/ – smart growth news articles from Maine newspapers, updates on our activities in the Legislature, reports from our field staff, and announcements of conferences and workshops. Allows keywords.
http://www.thisclassicallife.com/weblog/ – Personal blog on a variety of topics.
http://www.costpernews.com/ – Performance-based affiliate marketing blog. Allows keywords.
http://selberg.org/ – Personal blog.
http://www.drownradio.com/ – Me geek pretty one day. Allows keywords.
http://omgpittsburgh.com/ – A grassroots group blogging project, born of theenthusiasm to share the hidden gems of the city we love. Allows keywords.
http://www.scrapscene.com/ – Scrapbooking blog.
http://www.lifeintherough.com/ – Quest to become a golf pro. Allows keywords.
http://www.phpcafe.net/blog/ – PHP forums, templates, blogs and more. Allows keywords.
http://www.wallpaperstop.com/ – Free desktop wallpapers and backgrounds (comment on each pic).
http://elearning.lse.ac.uk/blogs/usc/ – Student blog for global media and communications. As of February 23, 2010, the article links have additional PHP code attached to them – delete the last section of the URL, and the article will come up fine. .EDU site!
http://boykin.acis.ufl.edu/ – Personal blog covering technology, health, politics, and more. .EDU site! Allows keywords.
http://dmiracle.com/ – Articles and resources all with two goals – helping you grow your service-based business and greatly increase your profits. Allows keywords.
http://blog.waxmarketing.com/ – Marketing and PR advice plus opinionated postings on everything from politics to Britney’s new album.
http://www.retirement-income.net/blog/ – Retirement income blog. Last updated May 2009, but comments are auto approved. Allows keywords.
http://nthambazale.com/ – Ramblings on technology and its use in the fight against poverty.
http://www.smallbusinessbranding.com/ – Small business branding.
http://www.affordable-internet-marketing.com/ – Internet marketing tips. Allows keywords.
http://www.articlesnatch.com/blog/ – Updates about Article Snatch and article marketing.
http://blog.winesworld.com/ – Wine, food, and travel blog. CommentLuv enabled, but post links are nofollowed.
http://www.javelinmarketing.com/blog/ – Financial services marketing. Last updated May 2009, but comments seem to be auto approved. Allows keywords.
http://www.stephanmiller.com/ – Kansas City SEO, e-Commerce, web site developer blog. Allows keywords. Requires at least 5 comments to become dofollow.
http://abstract2collective.blogspot.com/ – A mother and pastry chefs blog about all things culinary: thoughts, poetry or product reviews. Highlights include: recipes, baking theory and delicious food photography. Allows keywords.
http://wpsx.psu.edu/bluerobot/ – Blue Robot music blog. .EDU site!
Does your dofollow blog belong on this list or in our directory? Add a comment below or submit your blog to the directory, and include your PageRank. All dofollow blogs will be added to the directory, and PR 4 and higher blogs will also be added to this listing.

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Top 60 Edu. Sites With DoFollow Links, JUNE 2012 - Brought to you by Benny @ tradebitCenter


So, what is a. EDU link? Quite only it is a connectedness from any domain name that has the domain of a function annex. EDU (for instance : domain.edu). It is thought among the SEO manufacture that because these lands are typically ran by pedagogy federals agency and government departments, that google and the other search engines give them more weighting than a connection from a typical. com. / co. uk domain. 

Massive 30K Edu. Links [ FREE ]


The most powerful backlinks in the world are connectednesses backed from gov and edu extensions. These backlinks have 10 times more power than the ordinary connectednesses so getting a backlink from these situations can render great benefits in fulls term of your websites SERPs. How is it possible that these GOV and EDU backlinks have this much power? For this answer we have a simple scenario. First of all we need to understand what gov and edu is. gov is a short sort for authorities internets site and edu is abbreviation for education sites and in real world, the real world, importance is given to those working in the education and public sector. You be given to pay more care and give a little more deference to what they have to say not trying to generalize overmuch here as I know there are some snakes out there too. But, this same scenario is taken by search engines. Search engine gives more importance to regime and education connected lands site so appreciation from these lands site is also best. 


I've located some VERY POWERFUL FREE .Edu backlinks for you and your internet marketing website. Get it now for FREE! 

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